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Buch Murder Incorporated: Book 2 - America's Favorite Pastime

Jamal, Mumia Abu- and Vittoria, Stephen: Murder Incorporated: Book 2 - America's Favorite Pastime
Sprache Englisch
504 Seiten, 2019 - ca. 20.00 Eur Taschenbuch - 25.00 Eur gebunden - ISBN: 9780998960067 bzw. 9780998960050

Vol. II in the series Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny By Mumia Abu-Jamal and Stephen Vittoria Foreword by S. Brian Willson, Afterword by David Swanson

Just as the lives of slaves and Indigenous peoples paid for the early growth of the new American nation, so too were lives sacrificed to advance the expansion of empire in the 20th century. Book Two in this epic three-part series is a damning account of war-and the selling of war in America-revealing how riches, imperial expansion, and the consolidation of power have been the true aim of American wars and covert actions, both at home and abroad. The seeds of exceptionalism and divine entitlement, whose planting is detailed in Book One: Dreaming of Empire, yield Book Two: America's Favorite Pastime and the nightmarish side of the American Century.

The Series

Murder Incorporated-Book One: Dreaming of Empire (released 2018), exposes the origins of the American empire-one born in the blood, tears, and sorrows of genocide, slavery, and mass death. Book One is a vast panorama of how imperial America came to be, and how it grew into the Leviathan that continues to torment today.

Murder Incorporated-Book Two: America's Favorite Pastime (released 2019), chronicles the sinister bloody heart of American power, which remains murderous and perpetually at war.

Murder Incorporated-Book Three: Perfecting Tyranny (release date TBD), delves into the murky and dangerous waters of mass surveillance and an empire gone mad.

Published by Prison Radio

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