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(USA) Lisa Montgomery - Hinrichtungsaufschub bis 31. Dezember 2020

(Online Petition) Tell President Trump to Stop the Execution of Lisa Montgomery...

Gericht weist Trumps erneut angesetzten Hinrichtungstermin (12.01.2021) VORERST zurück

Atty Statement: Government Cannot Reschedule Lisa Montgomery's Execution While Stay Is In Place (dec 24, 2020)...


The story of Lisa's life is worse than a nightmare. She was born with permanent brain damage caused by her mother's drinking during pregnancy. A child of extreme poverty, she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather. She was routinely beaten and terrorized by her mother. Lisa's mother trafficked her to men who were allowed to rape Lisa in exchange for utilities and other services. Although this was suspected or known by teachers, police, and the courts, nobody intervened to protect Lisa.

This horror continued when she married her stepbrother at the urging of her mother at the age of 18. He continued the cycle of abuse, raping and beating her. Not surprisingly, this lifetime of torture exacerbated Lisa's genetic predisposition to mental illness, and caused her to develop a dissociative disorder in addition to complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Her severe trauma and mental illness led directly to the crime for which she was convicted - the murder of a pregnant woman and the kidnapping of her child.

At her trial, prosecutors used gender stereotypes against Lisa, repeatedly casting her as unfit mother and homemaker, telling jurors that she didn't go to her children's events, and that "[s]he didn't cook, and [s]he didn't clean," and kept a "filthy home." The prosecution trivialized the evidence of her being repeatedly raped as a child, calling it the "abuse excuse."

The lifetime of rape and sexual torture that Lisa endured is not an 'abuse excuse.' It was her horrific life story that the jury should have considered in deciding whether she was someone who deserved to live or die. The jury was never given that opportunity. President Trump, please consider this evidence and spare Lisa Montgomery's life. Spending the rest of her life in prison is more than adequate punishment for this crime given Lisa's traumatic history and mental illness.

Why is this important?

Without action, Lisa Montgomery will be executed this January 12, 2021.

Update: On November 19, 2020, a federal judge stayed Lisa's execution because her lawyers contracted COVID-19. The judge’s order prevents the government from setting her execution date any sooner than December 31. Lisa's execution has been rescheduled from December 8, 2020 to January 12, 2021.